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2 May 2017 - Town hall meeting at UNOG of Geneva-based UN Staff against the 7,5% pay cut

On 6 April 2017, over one thousand Geneva-based UN staff attended the Town Hall meeting, which was raucous and noisy with repeated chants of "no pay cuts, no pay cuts!"

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It was an opportunity for staff from across Geneva to show solidarity between all categories.

From the meeting, it was made clear that the cuts were divorced from the macroeconomic reality of Geneva, one of the world's most expensive cities. Further, while this affected P pay, if it was allowed through, other categories of staff could be later targeted.

It was also clear from staff testimonies that earning the equivalent to one month’s salary less per year would have a major impact on their finances, especially given the high cost of housing, education and childcare in this city. In addition, it comes on top of earlier cuts introduced by the recent review of the compensation package for staff in the Professional and higher categories. It is difficult to understand such cuts when vast amounts are being spent on the planned new building for the UN Office at Geneva.

It was highly regrettable that representatives of the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) declined to attend in order to explain their decision.

A resolution was passed, and in line with the last paragraph, FICSA and CCISUA put in place, in coordination with other associations and unions in Geneva, a clear way forward in order to mobilize against the implementation of the cuts.

A letter was thereafter sent to the Secretary-General Guterres requesting that the UN not implement the decision of the International Civil Service Commission. In the event that this request is declined, we have indicated that staff are ready to take all legitimate means necessary.

We will keep you updated. However, in the meantime, we would encourage you to print this poster in colour and place it on your office door.

Thank you all for your support and mobilization!