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30 May 2017 - Extraordinary General Meeting to take a stand against the ICSC's decision to pay cut in Geneva

On 24 May 2017, staff from all Geneva-based international organizations came together at the Palais des Nations in an extraordinary general meeting to take a stand against the ICSC’s decision to cut pay in Geneva. Some photos and a video can be accessed here, compliments of the ILO Staff Union.  There was also media coverage in French in the Tribune de Genève and in English in the US News & World Report.

We would like to thank those who attended this extraordinary general meeting.  It was moving to see everyone gathered and to hear the voices of those who will be harmed by this cut in pay.  It was equally encouraging to see the resolve of all the staff members present in pursuing this campaign.

Speakers addressed the problematic decision to apply the pay cut, and the ICSC’s continued dismissal of staff concerns.  Issues concerning the use of financial resources were raised, in particular expensive new buildings being constructed by some organizations while ICSC decisions contribute to the degradation of staff living standards in Geneva.  Speakers also reiterated that the UN’s unilateral move to implement the ICSC decision to cut pay violates the rights of workers.  It was evident from the meeting that the participants were committed to using all necessary and legitimate means to stop the implementation of the pay cut.

A resolution was unanimously adopted by the extraordinary general meeting of staff of the Geneva-based organizations, laying out important next steps for staff coordination and collective action leading up to the 85th session of the ICSC in Vienna in July 2017.