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1 March 2018 - FICSA flash news N°2 on the current ACPAQ session in New York

During the second day (27 February 2018) of the ACPAQ session currently taking place at the United Nations in New York, the meeting participants went through all 64 recommendations contained in the ICSC consultant's report on the review of the post adjustment index methodology (document ICSC/ACPAQ/40/R.2).

While working its way through the list, the meeting firstly determined whether each recommendation was useful and, if so, grouped each recommendation into one of the following categories of priority:

1) Immediate

2) Short term

3) Medium term

4) Long term

During the second part of the meeting participants exchanged their views concerning each of the 64 recommendations and indicated where a study and further analysis were required before further consideration of the item.

The ACPAQ secretariat is now preparing a draft report on the discussions of the first two days and, when ready, will undoubtedly open up further discussion including, but not limited to, setting specific time frames for each of the above-listed categories.

With best regards,

The FICSA delegation at ACPAQ (Imed and Brett)