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2 March 2018 - FICSA flash news N°4 on the current ACPAQ session in New York

Dear Colleagues,

As reported yesterday, a small group of colleagues (mainly statisticians) participating in the current ACPAQ session met informally early this morning (1 March) in the hope of finding a way forward in the ACPAQ discussions relative to the ICSC methodology used for conducting cost-of-living surveys and subsequent determination of the post adjustment.  Unfortunately, it was reported back that no significant headway had been made in the discussions on this matter.  The ICSC Secretariat simply requested that the HR Network group, as well as the group of Staff Federations, prepare their respective list of priorities, presumably based on the 64 recommendations contained in the report of the ICSC consultant in respect of the review of the post adjustment index methodology so that the present ACPAQ meeting can take this matter up again tomorrow morning (2 March).

Three other agenda items were discussed today, the most important one being the ICSC Secretariat's work on building a European Comparison Programme (ECP) comparable New York price database.  In the view of the Staff Federations, it was somewhat ironic that this item was even on the agenda given the fact that the ICSC consultant, in his report on the review of the post adjustment index methodology, had strongly questioned whether the ICSC Secretariat should even continue to use ECP data given the serious differences between the ECP and ICSC price-collection exercises, as revealed during the 2016 round of surveys in European headquarters duty stations. The organization representatives and the CEB also strongly opposed the use of the ECP data in the future.

Tomorrow morning (2 March,) the ACPAQ meeting will resume its consideration of the main point on the agenda which is the ICSC consultant's report on the review of the post adjustment index methodology.

With best regards,

The FICSA delegation to the ACPAQ session (Brett Fitzgerald and Imed Zabaar)