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13 December 2018 - Update by the FICSA representatives attending the ICSC Working Group on Post Adjustment Operational Rules (10 to 17 Dec 2018)

This week, the ICSC Working Group on Operational Rules (Post Adjustment) is meeting at UNHQ in New York from 10 Dec 2018 to 17 Dec 2018. FICSA is represented by Imed Zabaar, Executive Committee Member for Compensation Issues, and Irwan Mohd Razali, FICSA Treasurer. The Working Group is comprised of the ICSC Commissioners and secretariat, representatives of organizations and staff federations (FICSA, CCISUA and UNISERV).

The Operational Rules are a set of rules that determine how and when would post adjustment indices be reviewed, updated and increased or decreased, including its trigger conditions, frequency, group of duty stations. It provides a measure of stability and predictability in the movement of post adjustments and has several salary protection measures embedded that caters to specific scenarios.

Any adjustment or changes to Operational Rules are therefore a policy decision and not a statistical decision since Operational Rules determine when and how the statistical outcome of surveys or adjustments are applied and in what manner (staggered, immediately, with or without protection, symmetrical or asymmetrical upwards and downwards, etc.)

Several comparator organizations such as the World Bank, European Union, ISRP and US Federal Civil Service presented their system and practice to the Working Group, that allows a simple comparative analysis to be performed to identify difference or similarities with the method used in the UN system.

The Working Group then looked at the UN’s current Operational Rules to identify a series of policy decisions that may potentially bring improvement in the current system. A new comprehensive system was also presented to the Working Group as an alternative to the current system. At the time of writing, the Working Group is still running simulations and modelling the various alternatives on the table. FICSA has reiterated the importance of due diligence and a thorough analysis of the impact of any change to staff in all duty stations around the world, as well as any interdependencies with other elements of pay when changing any parameters.

We will continue to keep you updated