Terms of Reference for the Interns

Terms & Reference / Duties: 

- Depending on the focus area / education area / expertise area of the intern, in discussion with the university

Learning Goals:

  • Understand structure of an international organization and its information technology needs
  • Identify and match technological solutions with the business needs of the organization
  • Discover the challenges that data-heavy websites face
  • Experience administrative responsibilities for social media profiles
  • Deepen understanding of modern technologies, and the importance of adapting to modern online trends
  • Improve teamwork and communication skills in an online capacity
  • Recognize the efforts required for completing tasks during COVID-era
  • Implement tangible ways to increase user friendliness and accessibility of the FICSA website, including ways to measure the outcome
  • Implement sustainable and effective social media strategy that meets FICSA’s goals (increased reach and awareness of FICSA and its work, ease of posting content regularly, consistency etc.)