Deadline for applications:  <st1:date day="8" year="2010" month="10">8 October 2010</st1:date>

A 3-day staff representative training workshop will be held at the Vienna International Centre (VIC) from 18 to <st1:date day="20" year="2010" month="10">20 October 2010</st1:date>. The workshop will be conducted in English by a trainer from the UK-based Trades Union Congress (<st1:stockticker>TUC</st1:stockticker>).

The workshop is aimed at enhancing staff representatives’ knowledge, expertise and confidence in handling workplace problems, communicating effectively and taking an active part in the association/union.  It also covers the main tasks of a staff representative and the skills needed.

The workshop is free-of-charge for staff representatives of FICSA member organizations. 

A fee of $US 600 per person will be charged to all participants from a non-FICSA organization.

A reduced fee of $US 540 per person is charged when two or more participants are enrolled from the same organization and duty station.

The Workshop programme, along with information on hotel accommodation, will be sent directly to the participants upon confirmation of their participation.

To sign up please use the application form below.  Nominations should be signed by the President of the local staff association/union and sent to the FICSA General Secretary <> by no later than <st1:date day="8" year="2010" month="10">8 October 2010</st1:date>.  Seats will be confirmed on a first-come first-served basis, irrespective of the duty station of assignment. The number of participants is limited to 30.  Therefore, it is advisable to register well in advance of the deadline.

<st1:stockticker>ALL</st1:stockticker> TRAVEL-RELATED EXPENSES <st1:stockticker>AND</st1:stockticker> DSA MUST BE PROVIDED BY THE INDIVIDUAL STAFF ASSOCIATION/UNION OR ADMINISTRATION.  FICSA cannot provide any financial assistance in this respect.


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