FICSA Workshops on Place-to-Place Surveys 

The Federation has organized a series of workshops on place-to-place surveys, to encourage participation in this exercise, which will be conducted later this year.

The workshops will be conducted in English by Mr. Gregory Flood, FICSA consultant and former Chief of FAO HR System and Social Security Service. The workshops are particularly targeted to those in the Professional and higher categories interested in learning more about the surveys.  Participants from headquarters duty stations other than the scheduled venues are welcome.

The meeting schedule is as follows:

  • <st1:state>Vienna, </st1:state>8 and 9 July                   Deadline for applications: 30 June
  • <st1:state>Geneva, </st1:state>12 and 13 July              Deadline for applications: 2 July
  • <st1:state>Rome, </st1:state>15 and 16 July                 Deadline for applications: 8 July
  • <st1:state>Montreal, </st1:state>19 and 20 July             Deadline for applications: 12 July
  • <st1:state>Washington, </st1:state>22 and 23 July         Deadline for applications: 14 July

Purpose of the workshop

A place-to-place survey is a statistical activity used to obtain and process benchmark data for establishing the post adjustment index.

A place-to-place survey requires: 

  • the collection of prices of a basket of over 300 specified goods and services;  
  • the collection of housing and domestic services costs from the staff members; and
  • the collection of data on household expenditures by the staff members.  

By the end of the workshop, participants will have gained comprehensive knowledge about the survey aims, methodology and processes.

Participation fees

Please note that these workshops are offered free-of-charge only to staff from FICSA dues-paying members (BIOVERSITY - <st1:stockticker>CERN</st1:stockticker> - CTBTO - ECB - ESO - FAO - IAEA - <st1:stockticker>IARC</st1:stockticker> - ICCO - ICO - IFAD - ILO/<st1:stockticker>ITC</st1:stockticker> Turin - <st1:stockticker>IMO</st1:stockticker> - IOC - <st1:stockticker>IOM</st1:stockticker> - ITLOS – ITER - ITU - OPCW - PAHO - SCBD - UNAIDS - UNESCO - UNLB - UNRWA - UNWTO - UPU  - WHO – WIPO - <st1:stockticker>WMO)</st1:stockticker>. Participation should be registered through the member association/union. In the absence of the registration, the fee below will apply [1].

A fee of $US 400 is charged for all participants from non-FICSA member organizations. A reduced fee of $US 350 per person is charged when two or more participants are enrolled from the same non-FICSA member organization and duty station.


To sign up please use following registration form: Application_form_P2P_2010.docx    The completed form should then be signed by the staff association or union and sent to the FICSA secretariat <> by the above-mentioned deadlines. Places will be confirmed on a first-come first-served basis. 

[1] Two places are available free-of-charge to representatives of the administration of the host organizations and who are members of the place-to-place survey committee.


The Federation of International Civil Servants' Associations