FICSA will be holding a Workshop on the revised General Service salary survey methodology for non-headquarters duty stations in <st1:place><st1:city>New Delhi</st1:city>, <st1:country-region>India</st1:country-region></st1:place>, from 28 November to 2 December 2011.

The Workshop will be held at the WHO Regional Office for <st1:place>South-East Asia</st1:place> with the kind assistance of AFSM-WHO/SEARO and conducted in English by a FICSA Resource Person.

The workshop is open to staff representatives and participants irrespective of their duty station of assignment. However, participation is intended principally for staff serving in <st1:place>Asia</st1:place>. Duty stations earmarked for comprehensive salary surveys in the next few months are highly recommended to attend.

Workshop programme

The aim of the workshop is to enhance the knowledge of salary survey techniques to the maximum extent possible by providing participants with a detailed overview of the revised methodology for field duty stations, covering survey participants roles and responsibilities as well as due proceedings. Basic concepts related to the system of job evaluation and job classification will be dealt with. Within the framework of the methodology, the following phases will be analyzed: preparatory work, data collection, data analysis, construction and approval of the new salary scale.  Interim adjustment procedures and special measures (inflation, devaluation and other situations) will be reviewed as well.

Participation fees

Please note that these workshops are offered free-of-charge to staff representatives from FICSA dues-paying members (see list under footnote below).

However, a fee of $US 600 is charged for other participants, including staff representatives from non-FICSA member organizations.

A reduced fee of $US 500 per person is charged in the case where two or more participants are enrolled from the same organization and duty station.

Accommodation and general information

The participants will receive, upon confirmation of their participation, a code to download the provisional agenda, a general information document and hotel information from the FICSA website.


Please complete the application form on the FICSA website <> under “Workshops – Upcoming workshops – select the workshop – then “Register Now”.

Deadline for application:  11 November 2011.

Seats will be confirmed on a first-come first-served basis, irrespective of the duty station of assignment. Therefore, it is advisable to register well in advance of the deadline.

It is important to note that filing an application to participate in this workshop does not imply an automatic acceptance.  Please wait for the official confirmation before making any travel arrangements.

<st1:stockticker>ALL</st1:stockticker> TRAVEL RELATED EXPENSES <st1:stockticker>AND</st1:stockticker> DSA MUST BE FUNDED BY THE INDIVIDUAL STAFF ASSOCIATION/UNION OR ADMINISTRATION. FICSA cannot provide any financial assistance in this respect.

Workshop detailFootnote: BIOVERSITY - <st1:stockticker>CERN</st1:stockticker> – CSSA - CTBTO - ECB - ESO - FAO - IAEA - <st1:stockticker>IARC</st1:stockticker> - ICCO - ICO - IFAD - ILO/<st1:stockticker>ITC</st1:stockticker> Turin - <st1:stockticker>IMO</st1:stockticker> - IOC - <st1:stockticker>IOM</st1:stockticker> - ITLOS - ITU - OPCW - PAHO - SCBD - UNAIDS - UNESCO - UNLB - UNRWA - UNWTO - UPU – WHO – WIPO – WMO - WTO.

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Workshop participants, please log in to access reference materials.


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Reference Materials for Workshop Attendees:

  • Provisional agenda (pending)
  • Hotel information (pending)
  • General and travel information (pending)
  • Review of the methodology for surveys of best prevailing conditions of employment at duty stations other than headquarters and similar duty stations - survey methodology II (ICSC/72/R.11)  ICSC_72_R.11_Methodology_II_NonHQ_FINAL_Eng.pdf