Standing Committees Chairs and Vice-Chairs


Legal strategy

Legal strategy including the identification of cases which can be brought to an administrative tribunal for the common benefit of staff, either to advance their rights or to protect their conditions of service

Legal insurance

Exchanging information on available insurance coverage for international civil servants

Whistle-blower policies

Identifying best practices and protection for whistle-blowers

Interpretation of Staff Regulations and Rules

Assisting members in understanding the staff rules and providing opinions on whether they have been applied correctly

Use of the FICSA Legal Defence Fund

Advising on which legal appeals should be supported by the Fund

Grievance procedures

Identifying best practice and sharing information on internal grievance procedures

Administration of justice

Monitoring the work and reform of the Administrative Tribunals

Roster of Legal Advisors

Compiling a list of the best legal experts to assist in appeals

Administrative Tribunal case law

Reviewing and providing information on the judgments of the Administrative Tribunals

Staff rights

Identifying staff rights and the best strategies to protect and advance them


Providing training in the appeals process

Membership issues

Defining the parameters of membership categories

Constitutional questions

Interpreting the provisions of the FICSA Statutes and Rules


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FICSA represents the interests and defends the rights of international civil servants in interagency bodies and legislative organs of the common system.

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