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The FICSA Standing Committee on Staff/Management Relations advises the Executive Committee on:

Labour relations

Labour relations including consultation and negotiation

Joint staff-management bodies

Joint staff-management bodies including a system-wide inventory and identifying best practices

Partnership and recognition agreements

Partnership and recognition agreements including the development of model agreements. 

Strengthening staff representation

Strengthening staff representation including FICSA-organized workshops, development of training material, guidelines and publication of the Handbook for Staff Representatives

Access to governing bodies by associations and unions

Access to governing bodies by associations and unions, including a system-wide inventory and best practices

Organizational reform and its impact on staff representation

Organizational reform and its impact on staff representation, including the development of strategies to enhance the representation of staff in reform initiatives

Relations with inter-agency bodies

Relations with interagency bodies including the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC), the HR Network, High Level Committee on Management (HLCM), Chief Executives Board (CEB) and subsidiary working groups and task forces


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FICSA represents the interests and defends the rights of international civil servants in interagency bodies and legislative organs of the common system.

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