Safety and security

Safety and security assured by the Inter-Agency Security Management Network (IASMN). Issues include: security training for staff; mobility; emergency telecommunications; residential security; and road safety, gender consideration in security management

Field allowances and benefits

These include hardship allowance, a non-pensionable allowance designed to compensate for the degree of hardship experienced by staff assigned to difficult duty stations, payable to internationally-recruited staff on an assignment of one year or more; additional hardship allowance/non-family service allowance, introduced on 1 July 2011 for staff serving in non-family duty stations. An incentive for staff to undertake assignments at non-family locations; mobility incentive, should be to encourage mobility of staff in general to field duty stations; Rest and recuperation framework, viewed as a way to relieve accumulated stress under the difficult and dangerous conditions that characterized non-family duty stations

Non-HQ salary surveys for locally recruited staff

Non-HQ salary surveys for locally recruited staff ensures the objective application of the salary survey methodology for establishing salaries for locally recruited staff including NPOs.

Review of hardship duty stations

Participate in the review and classification of hardship duty stations according to conditions of life and work, security, health, isolation and environmental factors

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