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23 Oct 2020

We are writing to remind you of the application of the new FICSA statutes that came into force on 14 April 2020 as previously mentioned in FICSA Circular 1327, to the 74th Council as laid out below.

The current FICSA Executive Committee members and Regional Representatives were elected during the 73rd Council with a mandate of a one-year term, except for the President and General Secretary, where both the past and current statutes define a term as being for two-years.

At the time of 73rd Council, no transitional measures from the previous to the newly adopted statutes were put in place, therefore, there will be unexpected vacancies when the current members of the Executive Committee complete their current one-year term.

As per Article 30 of the new statutes in force (Annex I), in 2021 (odd-numbered year), the Council shall elect in that order, for a term of two years except when an election is organized to fill an unexpected vacancy, the following positions:

    • the General Secretary,
    • one Member for Compensation Issues,
    • the Member without Portfolio.
    • Regional Representative for Asia
    • Regional Representative for Europe


In addition to the above, in 2021, the Council shall elect in that order, for a term of one year to fill the unexpected vacancies mentioned above until the position is open in 2022 for the normal term of two years, the following positions:

    • the Treasurer,
    • One Member for Compensation Issues,
    • The Member for Regional and Field Issues
    • Regional Representative for Africa
    • Regional Representative for Americas

We hope you would take note of all the positions that will be open for elections during the 74th Council, and the term duration above, and nominate suitable candidates from your Staff Association/Union. The online nomination form will be made available in the next few days.

The cost-sharing scheme for FICSA officers is being finalized and is being reviewed by WHO Legal.

To see a historical composition of the FICSA Executive Committee & Regional Representatives from the year 2000 until now, visit

Should you have any question, comment or objection, please do write to ficsa(at) no later than Wednesday, 28 October 2020.

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