Terms of Reference for the Accountant


1. Setting up the annual accounts for each year

2. Preparing and inputting the monthly Accounts for monthly report printouts

3. Producing periodic budget performance reports as required by the FICSA Treasurer

4. Working with the external auditor to obtain a clean audit report once a year

5. Producing the final accounts for Audit for the year end of each year

6. Assisting the FICSA Treasurer in producing the Interim Close of Accounts at the end of the year - Financial Statements and Treasurer’s Report for the end of the year for Adhoc A&B Sessions

7. Producing the reports on the Termination Indemnity Fund, Legal Defence Fund (and the Emergency Fund) and Staff Development Fund, for Adhoc A&B Sessions

8. Assisting the Treasurer in producing the Proposed budget for each year for Adhoc A&B Sessions

9. Producing the Interim “Statement of contributions of member associations/unions, associate members, consultative and observer bodies based on information received up to 31 December of each year” for Adhoc A&B Sessions and, if necessary, produce an update on payments received between 1 January of each year and the Council

10. Producing the Proposed scale of contributions each year for Adhoc A&B Sessions for review with the FICSA Treasurer & Chair A&B

11. Producing receipts for dues payments.