• About

    Founded in Paris in 1952, FICSA is a federated group of 31 staff associations / unions from organizations belonging to the United Nations common system.

  • Aims

    FICSA fosters the development of the international civil service in accordance with the principles set forth in the United Nations Charter and the constitutions of the specialized agencies.

  • Members

    FICSA is an independent federated grouping of 31 full members, as well as 17 associate members and 38 members with consultative or observer status (FUNSA)

  • Library

    FICSA library offers various downloadable material, including handbooks, guidelines, statutes, and plethora of other documentation.


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What is FICSA

Facts and Figures

  • 90 30 Full Members, 18 Members with Associate Status, 42 Members with Consultative or Observer Status
  • 40000 International civil servants
    represented worldwide
  • 70 Years of
    defending staff rights

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