Workplace Protection through FORTUNA Insurance

Legal insurance for the workplace is more important now than ever. Following the many crises that our organizations have gone through during the last years, and in particular this latest health crisis, many of our organizations have become more fragile and our workplaces increasingly under threat. We strongly recommend that you be prepared for a more challenging period to come. This we see as a moral imperative that comes with staff association/union representation.

We will have our legal expert from Fortuna Insurance (Generali), Alexandre Brunet, with us to present on the insurance coverage. You will have ample time to ask questions. Even if you are not eligible to sign up to this insurance, for example, if your headquarters are not in Geneva or you are not under the legislation of the ILO/AT or UN/AT, you might still learn for your own negotiations with local insurances. Also, if you already have insurance coverage through your staff association/union, it might be a good opportunity to compare provisions in order to make informed decisions about proper insurance coverage.

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Alexandre Brunet
Legal ExpertAlexandre Brunet

The Federation of International Civil Servants' Associations