• 1965

    01 May 1965

    Eighteenth FICSA Council, Geneva

  • 1964

    01 May 1964

    Seventeenth FICSA Council, Vienna

    FICSA's participation and recognition at inter-agency level has evolved from being a coordinating agency of several staff associations, into a fully constituted staff representative body, empowered to enter into commitments on behalf of international civil servants that it represents.

  • 1963

    01 October 1963

    Sixteenth FICSA Council, Paris

    The title of "Chairman of the Executive Committee" is renamed to President of FICSA. The title of "Executive Secretary" is renamed to General Secretary. PAHO/WHO AMRO Staff Association become a member of the Federation.

  • 1962

    01 October 1962

    Fifteenth FICSA Council, Geneva

    OECD admitted as Observer to council. FICSA Secretariat's offices are hosted by the ILO Staff Union.

  • 1961

    01 December 1961

    Fourteenth FICSA Council, Geneva

    UNICEF New Delhi applied for membership. FICSA Secretariat's offices are based in GATT (1961-1962)

  • 1960

    01 December 1960

    Thirteenth FICSA Council, Vienna

    UNRWA was admitted as a member of FICSA Association of Former International Civil Servants (AAFI) became an associate member. Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration (ICEM) (later known as IOM) Staff Association was granted consultative status.

  • 1959

    01 October 1959

    Twelfth FICSA Council, Rome

    General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) Staff Association (predecessor to WTO) became a member of the Federation. Amicale became an associate member. United International Bureaux for the Protection of Intellectual Property (predecessor to WIPO) Staff Association was granted consultative status.

  • 1958

    01 December 1958

    Eleventh FICSA Council, Paris

    UNHCR had been admitted to UN Staff Association of Geneva, therefore becoming part of FICSA

  • 01 February 1958

    Tenth FICSA Council, Geneva

  • 1957

    01 September 1957

    Ninth FICSA Council, Geneva

    Secretariat of FICSA is still located in the Palais des Nations, since the president of FICSA since 1955 is from the UN in Geneva. Non-member associations seek recognition by FICSA as observer status.

  • 15 June 1957

    WHO EURO Staff Association become the 15th member of the Federation.

  • 1956

    01 October 1956

    Eight FICSA Council, Geneva

    CERN attended as Observers. FICSA maintained relationship with EOEC, ESCC (European Steel and Coal Community) and NATO Customs in Brussels.

  • 01 March 1956

    Seventh FICSA Council, Geneva

  • 1955

    20 September 1955

    Sixth FICSA Council, Rome

    Staff Association of ECAFE (Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East) applied for membership. Association of Former International Civil Servants (AAFI) joined as association on observer status.

  • 01 February 1955

    Fifth FICSA Council, Geneva

  • 1954

    20 September 1954

    Fourth FICSA Council, Paris

    FICSA office accommodation, filing cabinets, were provided by UN in Geneva and WHO HQ Geneva.

  • 20 April 1954

    Third FICSA Council, Geneva

    FICSA was allowed to presented its views to CCAQ, who later approved a decision that the Federation can address this body and issue written statements on any matters of interest to staff representation. Consultative Committee on Administrative Questions (CCAQ), is now known as the Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB), comprising of the Executive Heads of UN Common System Organizations.

  • 1953

    20 June 1953

    2nd FICSA Council, Geneva

    FAO, ITU and WHO SEARO became members of the Federation. A part-time FICSA Secretariat was formed.

  • 1952

    20 September 1952

    1st FICSA Council, Geneva

  • 01 May 1952

    Foundation of FICSA

    Formation of FICSA by the Staff Associations/Unions of UN New York, UN Geneva, ILO, WMO, ICAO, UNESCO and WHO HQ Geneva.

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FICSA represents the interests and defends the rights of international civil servants in interagency bodies and legislative organs of the common system.

  • 86

    30 Full Members, 18 Members with Associate Status, 38 Members with Consultative or Observer Status

  • 38251

    International civil servants
    represented worldwide

  • 70

    Years of
    defending staff rights


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