Report of the Standing Committee on HRM - FICSA/C/73/HRM/R.1

The FICSA Standing Committee on Human Resources Management advises the Executive Committee on:

This includes all sections of the Human Resources practice, including:

  • Contractual arrangements
  • Recruitment, Selection, Talent Management and Career development
  • Job classification
  • Staff Entitlements and Benefits
  • Onboarding, Induction, appointment/installation procedures
  • Performance management, rewards and recognition, promotion
  • Separation and termination
  • Conditions of Service (Hours of work, holidays, leave and absence, flexible working arrangements, parental leave)
  • Mobility and Rotation
  • Outsourcing, offshoring, nearshoring
  • Staff development and training
  • Standards of conduct and codes of ethics
  • Whistle-blowing protection

Report of the Standing Committee on HRM - FICSA/C/72/HRM/R.1


In 1998, the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) decided to update the 1954 report of the International Civil Service Advisory Board, entitled Report on the Standards of Conduct in the international civil service. It was again updated in July 2012 approved by General Assembly in 2013.

Over the years, FICSA participated fully in the working groups and ICSC sessions on the standards, with the goal of balancing staff rights with the numerous duties and obligations included in the text.

Committee members



Identifying best practice in contractual arrangement

Job classification

Monitoring the job evaluation tools for all categories of staff

Recruitment and selection

Sharing information on recruitment and selection procedures and the participation of staff representatives in selection committees/panels


Advising on best practices

Appointment and promotion procedures

Exchanging information on appointment and promotion procedures and the participation of staff representatives on appointment and promotion boards

Performance management

Participating in the development of performance management and performance appraisal tools

Career development

Working towards the implementation of a holistic approach to individual career advancement

Leave provisions

Monitoring and identifying best practices

Separation and termination policies

Monitoring and identifying best practices and ensuring that termination policies are fully respected

Working hours, holidays - flexi-time

Exchanging information to identify best practices - advocating for the implementation of flexi-time policies system-wide

Mobility policies and procedures

Participating in the development of interagency and intra-agency mobility policies and safeguards against abuse


Identifying the impact of outsourcing on the organizations and their staff


Providing training to members on HR initiatives and trends, and monitoring the availability of training provided by the organizations; advocating that at least 2% of staffing budgets be allocated for training


Ethics including Codes of Ethics and Standards of Conduct


Whistle-blowing including strengthening protections for whistle-blowers and developing a model policy

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