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Legal protection insurance for FICSA Members - FICSA Comm 3/19/ENG

Follow-up:  Legal protection insurance for FICSA Members - FICSA Comm 13/19/ENG

Global legal protection insurance update - FICSA/Comm 33/19/ENG

Legal Protection Insurance – Q&A with Fortuna - FICSA Comm 08/20/ENG

Legal Protection Insurance – follow-up and updated Q&As - FICSA Comm 16/20/ENG

Legal Protection Insurance contract - FICSA Comm 21/20/ENG

Protecting Acquired Rights Across the UN Common System - Rishi Gulati - 2020

An International Administrative Procedural Law of Fair Trial: Reality or Rhetoric? - Rishi Gulati – 2018

Why you will benefit from legal expenses insurance - Neil Fishman - 2020

Why legal insurance for employment matters is essential - Gemma Vestal, Evelyn Kortum & Catherine Kirorei Corsini

Are you breaking up with me? The legal considerations of an organisation leaving the UN Common System or the UN Joint Staff Pension Fund - Ludovica Moro and Neha Dubey

Advancing International Administrative Law: a four-point agenda - Dr Rishi Gulati

Listen to Covid-19 impact on international administrative law from Think Foley's on Apple Podcasts, by Dr Rishi Gulati.

Duty of management to consult with Staff Unions on conditions of Service Freedom of Association - Laurence Fauth

Looking for FICSA Legal Defense Funds for its members? Visit FICSA Standing Committee for Legal Questions page.

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