The HLCM Occupational Health and Safety Forum is a UN-system wide forum established by HLCM at its 38th session in October 2019.

The Forum is chaired by WHO and composed of experts nominated by the HLCM members. It serves as a multidisciplinary UN-system wide technical body, and is intended to support agency heads fulfilling their duty of care for staff safety and well-being in a manner which evolves in parallel with the risks and the contexts in which their organizations work.

The Forum builds on the work conducted in the course of several years by the HLCM Cross-functional Task Force on Duty of Care.

Source: UNSCEB page on OHS


Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) is of fundamental importance to all staff and non-staff personnel wherever they operate. It engages organizations to identify and manage risks to staff and non-staff personnel associated with the commitment to “stay and deliver”. The Task Force presented the following vision statement, encompassing OSH aspirational goals:

“The United Nations, in fulfilling its organizational mandates, aims to provide a healthy, safe and respectful working environment that promotes greater accountability, efficiency and commitment of its workforce.”


  1. Risk awareness and transparency - Organizations are proactive in providing information and are open to engagement, input and feedback from UN personnel.
  2. Effective occupational safety, health and security management - Shared engagement and responsibility of the Organization and its workforce to promote and sustain safety, security, health and well-being of staff and non-staff personnel as far as it is reasonably practicable.
  3. Inclusion and respect for dignity - Organizations treat staff and non-staff personnel in good faith, with due consideration for individual circumstances, respecting and preserving dignity and diversity.
  4. Caring for consequences of risk - Caring for those who have been adversely affected or impacted by hazardous events associated with their work with the United Nations.
  5. Accountability at all levels - Creating a just culture that supports effective leadership and individual accountability.

Source: UNSCEB page on OHS deliverables

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